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Hill Stream Resort is the rarest in his kind, a serene, peaceful ambiance in the lap of mother-nature. The beauty around the resort will wondering you. Located just 20 kms from Dehradun via Raipur and Maldevta, over the red bridge, you are guide by the logo panels. The hill café and lounge provides you the first info& sweet needs. Nature surrounds you as soon as you take the 70 M downhill climb from the parking to reach heart. The stairs and ramps to facilitate the climb & benches along the way if you want to sit & take some pure breathing.

Enclosed by a dense rain forest, and fresh water springs flowing alongside the resort's lawns, Hill Stream Resort offer you indoor and outdoor facility’s. The restaurant serves oriental and Indian way. Be inspired by nature, the rich source of tranquillity. The perfect destination offering a memorable family staying experience .